Jamie robertson - photography & videography


I’ve developed my eye for an image over the last 15 years. I like to make the ordinary appear a little extraordinary using the magical properties of the camera and lens.

This website merely serves as a small gallery of a selection of my work and gives you some idea of my style of photography. Although I have no need to sell my work, I gladly accept requests for prints and digital files for both private and commercial use. Prices are very reasonable and vary depending on the intended application. Please contact me for details.

I don’t specialize in any particular field of photography and have tried most aspects of the art including journalism, wildlife, wedding, street, landscape, travel, abstract and contemporary.

To keep up to date with all my latest work, please visit my flickr gallery and add yourself as a contact.

Special thanks to Jack the Hat Photographic for sponsoring this website.

do you see what i see?

Jamie Robertson started out shooting on film but has now converted to a completely digital workflow for both photography and videography.